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End of the Season Closing Party


You are invited! And anyone who wants to have some fun with us! The party will mark the end of our first season, as well as the closing of our current show If You See Nothing Say Something. Momo‘s solo exhibition located on the 3rd floor will also be closing.

Additionally, as a very special one-day-event, the Recession Art Show will inaugurate their new program of solo shows by presenting a piece by Recession Art Alumni Alison Wilder. To be performed in The Invisible Dog’s elevator shaft, Wilder’s piece Why Neutral conflates kitchen implements and celebration signage while doppelgangers provoke each other in the backyard. The installation includes a sculpture by Alison Wilder and video by Rachel Schragis and Alison Wilder.

Be on the lookout for upcoming news regarding our exciting plans for The Invisible Dog’s 2nd season, starting in September! Come one, come all. Please celebrate with us as we celebrate You! You were integral to our achievements and we would love to show you our sincerest thanks for a fantastic season. It is going to be a very fun day and we hope to see you there.

Date + Times
Sunday, July 25


The Main Gallery, 3rd Floor Gallery
51 Bergen St.