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9/11 Oh! My God


For this second edition of the exhibition NICE TO MEET YOU the artist photographer Pascal Blondeau invites artist Ultra Violet to share the exhibit. These two artists from a very different background and cultures will work together to present a common vision of the world today. The work of the first one will become a mirror for the second one.

The concept of NICE TO MEET YOU: an introduction to the world through an exhibition in with Pascal Blondeau will work with a different local artist and will end in Paris with a show including all the artists he had worked with during the tour. Everyone will be working in close collaboration with the other artists. NICE TO MEET YOU or NICE TO «meat» you? It is a great pleasure for two artists to work together, though at the end, which one will «eat» the other one? For this second edition of the concept«NICE TO MEET YOU» 2 artists, Ultra Violet who used to be the muse of Andy Warhol and Pascal Blondeau have chosen to organize their work around the 9/11 theme and to present it as conversation from heir respective work.

Special Guest: Herve Saint-Helier

Simultaneously on view, Pascal Blondeau presents his photographic works – Portraits – at the Payne Whitney Mansion, 972 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, from April 20 to  22.

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April 22–24

Opening Reception
Friday, April 22


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

Earlier Event: April 16
Walls and Bridges
Later Event: April 27
Signs of the Times