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2FIK or Not 2FIK


As an artistic director, director, photographer and model, 2Fik captures pictures of himself that he likens to a single image. He can therefore be found several times in his photographs, in various attitudes and sporting a range of accessories. Through his toying with reality and fiction the viewer becomes confused. 2Fik’s recurrent characters end up embodying real individuals to whom the artist gives a complete identity: personality, age, sex, origin, occupation and interests. These figures are related to each other and  arise from the universe and life experiences of the artist. 2Fik assigns them traits taken from his own personality, discreetly unfolding through his disguises. The protagonists come to live against the the backdrop of a multicultural Montreal, simultaneously creating time a TV-style reality show where their destinies revolve around Fatima. She is central to all the other characters: Abdel, Manon, Benjamin, Sofiane Marco, Alice, and Francine. The sum of these character’s  experiences and their emotional baggage add up to different social realities, providing keys to understanding their respective existence. Conducted from a voyeuristic perspective, the photographs generate our desire to know what was happening outside the frame. However, a second interpretation takes us beyond reality television, because these lives are in reality a reflection of our current society.

2Fik’s photographs draw the viewer into a true societal melting pot. At first glance his approach induces laughter, however on a subtextual level the mood darkens to the point where viewers might find themselves questioning their own identity. 2Fik intends a playful, yet powerful approach as he attempts to achieve a social reflection. The approach is intended 2Fik playful, but powerful in the sub-text to achieve a social reflection. Stereotypes encourage viewers to discuss the idea of universality, because in the stories everyone can recognize a part of themselves. 2Fik’s photographs transport us into a true melding of society.

Born in Paris to a Moroccan Muslim family, 2Fik has lived in France for most of his life. As he also spent several years in Morocco, he also identifies with it’s culture. In 2003, on the spur-of-the-moment he came to Montreal, a destination chosen for its apparent tranquility. Following his emigration experience, 2Fik  rapidly found himself amidst a fusion of religion, politics and society.

September 17–October 9


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

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A Layer of the #1L
Later Event: September 17