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Recession Art


Prolonged Exposure, curated by Kaegan Sparks, explores boredom and restlessness as charged affects, suspended between detachment and agitation, inertia and change. Works in the exhibition respond to potentially paralyzing states of waiting, idleness, distraction, and fatigue, seeking to overhaul viewers’ sensory and interpretive habits and engender new modes of attention.

Video works and installations by Beyza Boyacioglu, Lizzy De Vita, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Daniel J. Wilson, and Jonathan Rajewski deal with friction between multiple, syncopated temporalities, especially through loops and repeated gesture. Ilene Godofsky, Elizabeth Duffy, Megan Liu Kincheloe, and Nicholas Warndorf translate banal and appropriated imagery via tedious formal processes in their works, while Ellen Grossman, Francisco Westendarp, and Murphy Chang register the time and labor of production more literally in drawings and photographs. The soothing, homogenous patterns of videos and sculptures by Jess Levey, JaeWook Lee, Laura Arena, and Cheryl Yun distract from disjunctive, disquieting undertones, while conditions of stasis and ambience considered in works by Luke Munn, Ian Addison Hall, Robert Brush, Cassandra Guan, and Eddie Hopely plumb boredom’s latent energy, commanding alternative means of perception and presence.

Dates + Time
November 3–11

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 3

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

Earlier Event: November 2
Many Many Women // S.E.M. Ensemble
Later Event: November 14
Sarah Maxfield in Residence