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Invisible Dog Interior, Heather O


Heather O, choreographed by Yanira Castro, is a solo that explores portraiture, projection and presence through movement created for performer Heather Olson from 2002 to 2008. It is performed by Kimberly Young.

Heather O exists primarily as a video to be present as part of the installation for an upcoming work, The People to Come. People is a four-hour + performance where the performers are tasked to create new solos each evening from the audience’s contributions and this dance. The video acts as an artifact of their process and as a vehicle for transparency: all elements of the project are available for the audience to see.

Invisible Dog Interior, Heather O is an exploration on inspiration. Performer Peter Schmitz will deconstruct, rehearse and create in 19 minutes an original solo derived from Heather O and then perform it. It is rehearsal and performance put through a pressure cooker. It is the subject and the work, side by side, in miniature, and on the clock. It is a portrait of a portrait.

Invisible Dog Interior, Heather O features lighting and environment by Kathy Couch and sound by Stephan Moore.

The People to Come will premiere at The Invisible Dog Art Center in June 2013.

Date + Time
Friday, July 13

$10 Suggested Donation

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.