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Catch 74


Catch is a hydra-headed, multi-disciplinary, rough and ready series of performance events that whirls through Brooklyn every month or two.  For over ten years Catch has given stage to emerging artists and downtown luminaries, pouring equal portions of community, love, and beer.  CATCH is curated with delicate irreverence by Andrew Dinwiddie, Caleb Hammons & Jeff Larson.  Founded in 2003 by Jenny Seastone Stern as a home for the emerging avant-garde, Catch has become an integral part of the downtown community.

Featured Artists:
Kate Benson !
Chris DeVita !
Ilana Harris-Babou !
Patti Harrison !
Devin Kenny + Drag Lomax !
Adam & Zack Khalil !
Jessica Pretty !
Jennifer Seastone !
Julio Torres !
Mariana Valencia !
André Zachery !


Dates + Time
Saturday, July 8

$15 at the door

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.