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La-Salle-A-Manger (Call Me SAM)


A year ago, I created @lucienchefambition more like a #summercrush, you know those that usually don’t survive below 85˚F (29˚C). But unlike La Fontaine’s grasshopper, it has crossed fall, winter, and spring with love and passion. As the poet says “Love is like pastry. It needs to be made fresh everyday!” I’m thrilled to announce a new and fresh project: “La-Salle-A-Manger” (call me SAM). With Anne Mourier as a business partner, SAM will be a place to gather, meet, network, socialize, fall in love, smoke, agree, disagree, fall asleep, think, read, cook, drink, and eat indeed! SAM is not a restaurant, you cannot reserve a table. It’s home you will be invited and greeted. And to show your gratitude, you may make a donation to The Invisible Dog because SAM will be a fundraising force behind the art center. You won’t only eat surprising meals and meet marvelous guests, you will also support 51 Bergen and hundreds of artistic projects. SAM will be open to experimental and educational projects combining food and art. SAM will host other “chef ambition.” You will be able to rent SAM for your day meeting or birthday dinner.

SAM should open very soon. But for now, let’s meditate on Brillat-Savarin quote: “The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star.”