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Rewriting a Personal Story: Intensive Workshop with Diana Markosian


“Photography has allowed me to slow down, look inward, and learn to be quiet with myself” – Diana Markosian

Join Magnum photographer Diana Markosian for a three-day workshop on developing personal storytelling projects with a focus on intimacy, emotion and memory.

Photographers and artists are often faced with a variety of challenges when embarking on projects that reference or directly involve their own personal experiences, whether it’s documenting the community they belong to or even exploring their own family as a subject.

During this workshop, led by Diana Markosian and featuring Magnum’s Cultural Director Pauline Vermare, you will develop a wider understanding of how to present and communicate personal or intimate stories to wider audiences, how to create universal points of connection, and how best to navigate ethical considerations that arise when shooting sensitive or intimate subject matter.

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Diana Markosian is a Magnum photographer whose latest documentary project, Santa Barbara, focuses on immigration through the perspective of one family: her own. Her work explores the deeply personal, from documenting the lives of young Chechen girls coming of age in the aftermath of war, to her reconnection with her estranged father, to a film on Armenian genocide survivors. Her work spans conceptual and documentary approaches, allowing her subjects to dictate the outcome of their work.

Pauline Vermare is a photography curator and the Cultural Director of Magnum Photos, New York. She was formerly a curator at the International Center of Photography (ICP), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris.

Sunday, December 9

Monday, December 10 & Tuesday, December 11


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