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Annual Fundraiser for the Season 8


Today we begin our annual Kickstarter – and we are asking you to donate and support the 8th Season of the Invisible Dog Art Center!  By now, our goal is just what you have come to expect (and achieve) in our 4 previous campaigns; we need to raise $25,000 to support our season. But here’s something new: your donations are now 100% tax deductible because the Invisible Dog Art Center is now a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

We are proud of our history of operating outside the bloc, and we didn’t take the decision to become a non-profit lightly. But when it came down to it, we wanted to do it for YOU. For you the artist who makes the work we present and to whom we want to offer more resources that require increased funding. And to you, the supporter, who will help us generate the resources and, we hope, will be more generous because now we can offer you a 100% tax deduction on your gift. Give more, get more – it’s what’s right.

For the 8th Season we have planned over 20 exhibitions and performances, multiple partnerships with cultural organizations  in NYC and around the world, 30 artists working every day in our artist studios, and even more projects that will be announced in the coming months!

But the Invisible Dog is more than just a place to see art. It’s a space to empathize. No matter who is elected on November 8th, millions of people are going to feel that the winner doesn’t represent them. So more than the question of who to vote for (which, honestly, shouldn’t be hard to decide), is the question of how bridge the various ideological and emotional gaps that separate us. We must release our prejudices and our fears and trust in one another. The Invisible Dog has always been a place where community is created and strengthened, and now we need one another more than ever.

Your support ensures that we can continue to make space for creativity, for beauty and for one another. Give more, get more – because nothing is worth more than our relationships.

During our Kickstarter campaign, you can help us in three ways:

1) Donate! No amount is too large or too small – every contribution helps us to meet and exceed our $25,000 goal!

If you want to make a major gift or have further information about your donation,  please contact Lucien Zayan directly.

2) Spread the word! Even if you can’t donate, you can mention our campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, by email, at dinner – tell everyone! The more attention our campaign receives – the more donations we will receive!

3) BOTH!!

Thank you very much for your generous support.

Lucien Zayan

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