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American Tall Tales


American Tall Tales is a fast and furious compilation of stories that are based on American culture. 6 actors form an ensemble of hilarious characters that range from ambitious school children to a young replica of Elvis. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes long. Laughter will surely ensue.

American Tall Tales is presented by The Compass Players

Little Margey
Little Margey see’s every one taking lessons but her. Desperately trying to be popular she sets off for a lesson she can take of her own. Finding herself in a situation where she finally gets to be the hero, it’s now up to her to make some life saving choices!

Jack’s mom is the boss and when she sets him off on a quest to find a way to keep the fire going he runs across all kinds of problems. One, his sister! Two, the wolfs! Three, the Watuskis? And how will Jack bring the fire back to his mother? Maybe that pumpkin patch can help.

Purvis is an outcast. He’s got a strange stance and wobbly legs. He doesn’t seem to be good at anything. Until one day he’s visited by an alien that teaches him all about Rock n’ Roll. After that it’s strait to the top baby! All those things that he thought would work against him now seem to be the answer to success. Can he handle it?

The Ghost Stallion
Johnny is the cook for the cattle drivers. The only way he can become a real cowboy is if he ropes the toughest, meanest bronco that ever lived. The ghost stallion! An epic match up that inspires cowboys for ages to come.

Dates + Times
June 4–5 at 11am

$6 at the Door

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St. 

Earlier Event: May 14
Later Event: June 24
Dance Performance