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1 the Road — Jean Boîte Éditions


Film screening and reading, followed by drinks in the garden of The Invisible Dog, with Ross Goodwin, Artists and Machine Intelligence team and Jean Boîte Éditions

Ross Goodwin is not a poet. As a creative A.I. technologist, he outfitted a Cadillac car with a surveillance camera, a GPS unit, a microphone and a clock, all connected to a portable A.I. writing machine that fed from these input data in real time.

Together, they traveled from New York to New Orleans, in an experimental automation of the American literary road trip. As they drove, a manuscript emerged line by line from the machine’s printer on long scrolls of receipt paper that filled the car’s rear seats over the course of their journey. Here is how the journey begins:

“It was seven minutes to ten o’clock in the morning, and it was the only good thing that had happened.”

Rooted in the traditions of American literature, gonzo journalism, and the latest research in artificial neural networks, 1 the Road imposes a new reflection on the place and authority of the author in a new era of machines.

Date + Time
Wednesday, September 19


The Garden of the Invisible Dog
51 Bergen St.