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Surveys the Prairie of Your Room // Witness Relocation / Dan Safer

Dan Safer, a downtown maverick and the Artistic Director of Witness Relocation returns to the stage as a performer in his own work in Surveys the Prairie of Your Room, a duet co-created and performed with leading WR company member Ae Andreas. The work, titled after a David Bowie lyric, has been developed in a two-year process of workshops and ponders on things that could go in any number of directions and you’re not quite sure which one is right. Things that happen in liminal spaces. ASMR recordings. Trying to be happy when everything has gone to hell. Dancing.

Features original music by the OBIE Award-winning composer and longtime WR collaborator Heather Christian.

Director/Choreographer: Dan Safer 
Original Music: Heather Christian
Co-created and Performed by: Ae Andreas, Dan Safer

Part of the opening reception of Maria Baranova’s Faces of Downtown Scene

Photo by Sharkey Weinberg

Witness Relocation formed in 2000 and make shows ranging from fully scripted plays to original dance/theater pieces to many things in between. They are a resident company at La Mama and have performed all over the world. They are led by Dan Safer, who used to be a gogo dancer and now teaches at MIT. 

Date + Time
Friday, January 4


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.