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Brooklyn Falls for Les Editions de L' Epure


Founded in 1991 by two reconverted architects, Sabine Bucquet-Grenet and Pascale Blin, Les Editions de l’Epure from the start strived to make available to the public the professions in the arts – architecture of course, but also styling, design … and gastronomy, already a crossroads between know-how and inspiration.  Ably joining together their technical and esthetic bases, they wished to bring to the fore the creative process by publishing works where the editorial line and graphic design met these rigorous requirements. 

Les Editions de l’Epure were able to impose an assertive style that knocked about the image of publishing production a bit.  An atypical collection, Ten Ways of Preparing, shook up most of the players in the publishing industry and today remains as proof of Epure’s independence in tone and production.

“Les Editions de l’Epure, a singular brand”
Talk by Sabine Buquet-Grenet, publisher, followed by a Q&A

Back on an editor's stories told with lightness, punctuated by anecdotes. Presentation of the flagship titles of the catalog.  For 28 years “Les Editions de l’Epure” independently trace their elegant furrow in the world of books. An ambition: to offer a guided editorial line, both in substance and in form, by the thread of the genesis of creation. One step: to have the audacity to offer freedom of expression to authors of all kinds provided that passion and pleasure animate them. An ethics: do not pound any books returned by bookstores. These books take on a whole new dimension with their aging, patina ... print in France on recycled paper or certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Unusual, the purified object elevates gastronomy to the rank of the art book and gives pride of place to text, graphics and creative papers. If the Epure is indisputably recognized as a publishing house culinary, then we must hear the branch against the current, shifted to the limit of the iconoclast.

Les Editions de l’Epure, Best Editor at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, 2008 - Grand Prix Publisher of the Academy of Cuisine, 2011 - Figaro Grand Prix of the Gourmet Book, 2016 - Jury Prize at the Ziryab 2018 Literary Award

“Grand Cru Déclassé. An editorial adventure”
Talk by Gérard Descambre and Dominique Hutin, authors, followed by a Q&A

The long-term chronicle of Gérard Descrambe, winemaker in the Bordeaux region, sequenced in 47 vintages, for so many lashings and labels from the sports teams (elbow) of Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo, often realistic, sometimes romantic, always in good taste.

Farmer Market with Treiber Farms
Workshops, Performances, Gouter.

“Do you speak wine? The words of wine, a living language to the taste of the time”
Conference by Dominique Hutin

From 1100 to 2019, a sum of representations of the history of wine, its evolution, its techniques, which follow the thread of mutations of oenology and the aspirations of society. If certain epochs invited to take scholarly postures, heavy with starved terms, others, maybe because "the right word is the one which is closer to the natural one" gave birth to a freer Breviary . From "caudalies", to "wasted-ability" through "tarring the vestibule", the wine has a hung tongue. Analytical, poetic or slangy, no need to pass the language of the wine to carbon 14, it is the age of its arteries.

Happy Hours with a French / Swiss Cheese Challenge (more detail to be announced)

Albertine Bookstore, partner of the event, will be present from 5 to 9pm with a large selection of books from Les Editions de l’Epure.

This event is part of Brooklyn Falls for France, a cultural season organized by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation in partnership with Brooklyn venues. 

Brooklyn Falls for France is the Cultural Services of the French Embassy's first-ever Brooklyn-focused multi-disciplinary cultural season running from September 2019 through January 2020 in partnership with Brooklyn venues. The program aims to highlight Brooklyn’s vibrant French and French-speaking cultural life and underscore the cross-cultural dialogue between Brooklyn and Francophone countries. 

Date + Time
Tuesday, October 29


The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen Street