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Strangers Are Potential Friends // Alok Vaid-Menon


Performance artist ALOK hosts a series of interventions to challenge the dominance of romantic love, collapse the myth of the stranger, and exercise alternative intimacies.

Wednesday February 13: hey
Would you like someone to talk to? A place to vent, connect, process, debrief? A place to breathe, decompress, take a break? Or are you just curious? Sign up for a slot to talk to Alok about anything. The only catch is: you can’t speak, just text. 

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Thursday February 14: VALENTINES DAY CRY-IN (7-10pm) 

Why do they put romantic comedies in different sections than horror films? Why does dating feel like negotiating a life insurance policy? Why do we need to have romantic partners in order to be cared for and supported? Why are we called “single” if we’re not in one kind of relationship? If you are fed up by romantic love and want something more sustainable, join for a Valentine’s Day CRY-IN. We will stage a protest against society’s obsession with romantic love and create monuments to and manifestos for other forms of friendship and connection. 

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Saturday February 16: LOVE HURTS (8-10pm)
When people tell me love stories they usually mention the first kiss (not the desperation). The first time they knew (not the fear of dying alone). I wish we could talk more about our fear of dying alone. I wish we could be more honest. 

A night of performance on heartbreak by ALOK alongside a host of queer/trans performers including Exhotic Other, Chrissy Etienne, and more.  

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ALOK is a gender non-conforming writer and performance artist. They were recently the youngest recipient of the Live Works Performance Act Award granted to ten performance artists across the world. They have presented their work at 400 venues in more than 40 countries. 

Instagram: @alokvmenon

Dates + Times
Wednesday, February 13
Thursday, February 14, 7–10pm
Saturday, February 16, 8–10pm

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The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.