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Cycle // 2Fik & Anne Mourier


Cycle is a performance presented by artists 2Fik and Anne Mourier.

2Fik and Mourier can seem like polar opposites: 2Fik is a young man, from a Muslim background, living in Canada who works with photography and does performances that often appear provocative and pushing boundaries.

Anne is a middle-aged woman, from a Catholic background, living in New York and she works with readymade sculptures and installations using a pastel palette and subtlety.

They are both interested in attempting to transcend the parameters that history has placed around the human condition.

In this performance 2Fik and Mourier will portray 28 minutes in the life of a woman, seeking the feeling of one human organism instead of two.

In a world in mutation, the two artists are hoping to open a dialogue with the public about respect, understanding and compassion around the concept of gender.

In conjunction with the 10th Annual Artists’ Open Studios.

About 2Fik
Born in Paris to a Moroccan Muslim family, 2Fik has lived in France for most of his life. As he also spent several years in Morocco, he also identifies with it’s culture. In 2003, on the spur-of-the-moment he came to Montreal, a destination chosen for its apparent tranquility. Following his emigration experience, 2Fik  rapidly found himself amidst a fusion of religion, politics and society.

Instagram: @2fikornot2fik

About Anne Mourier
Anne Mourier is a French-born and Brooklyn-based artist.

She is a woman. She is a daughter and a mother. 

Her work is about the search for home. 

Is home a pile of beautiful and methodically organized linens like the memories of her childhood or is it a womb of soft wool hiding sharp needles nestled in a broken glass? Does it have five sides like her little boxes?  Is it the home of the goddess, mother of all? How does she worship her in order to belong? Can she bring her to life by painting her veins? Will she accept her if she builds her an altar?  Is it home if there is a family inside? If she knits their portrait and they all look alike does she belong to this family? Where is the entrance? Is the door shaped like a vulva? 

Where is the truth? Is home only a façade or a mirror?

Instagram: @annemourier

Dates + Times
Saturday, May 4, 5:30pm
Sunday, May 5, 3pm

28 minutes


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.