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Would You Do It? // Anne Mourier


Artist Anne Mourier designed the Glasshouse in 2013 for her solo show Cleaning It Up.

The Glasshouse became an integral part of the Invisible Dog Art Center and gave the opportunity to exhibit numerous artists. As a temporary structure, the Glasshouse was destined to be ephemeral and to be demolished. We invited Mourier back to do a last show after the demolition… 

Mourier’s research is about “the feminine” and it’s reemergence in our society.  She asked herself the question: when and why did “the feminine” disappear? The answer is that “the feminine” started disappearing in the XVI and XVII century during the witch hunts in both Europe and the United States ... mostly out of fear: fear of the power of intuition, fear of the magic of being connected to plants, animals, to our planet and to the universe, fear of the power of women’s sexuality.

How can a human being make the decision to lynch, burn or kill another human being with so little and often erroneous information … or with the probability of being wrong?

Would you do it?

In conjunction with the 10th Annual Artists’ Open Studios.

About Anne Mourier
Anne Mourier is a French-born and Brooklyn-based artist.

She is a woman. She is a daughter and a mother. 

Her work is about the search for home. 

Is home a pile of beautiful and methodically organized linens like the memories of her childhood or is it a womb of soft wool hiding sharp needles nestled in a broken glass? Does it have five sides like her little boxes?  Is it the home of the goddess, mother of all? How does she worship her in order to belong? Can she bring her to life by painting her veins? Will she accept her if she builds her an altar?  Is it home if there is a family inside? If she knits their portrait and they all look alike does she belong to this family? Where is the entrance? Is the door shaped like a vulva? 

Where is the truth? Is home only a façade or a mirror?

Instagram: @annemourier

On View
May 2–5


The Glass House

Earlier Event: April 30
TueNight Live: SECRET