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Elizabeth Krief and Jacques Manardo Artist Residency Program: Juliette Deschamps

Photo by Gregory Collavini

Photo by Gregory Collavini

The Elizabeth Krief and Jacques Manardo Artist Residency Program at The Invisible Dog Art Center offers artists of all disciplines and nationalities the opportunity to reside in New York City, without any obligation of a final production and objective, aside from engaging with our city of fantasy, change, excess, power, possibility, hustle, and grandeur.

Everyone finds their own way and the experiments are impossible to anticipate. New York changes all who visit; we’re anxiously waiting to see what resident artists see and discover. Artists will be housed in a furnished apartment in the heart of Brooklyn near The Invisible Dog and are encouraged to live in total immersion, connect with one of the most vibrant artist communities, meet professionals from the international art world, and participate in events in New York and abroad (Armory Show, Frieze, etc.).

The residency requires applicants to have presented work in their country of origin (USA included) or abroad, but having spent little to no time in New York City.

This 4-year-old program was made possible thanks to the exclusive support of Elizabeth Krief and Jacques Manardo.

We are pleased to announce that the fifth resident artist will be Juliette Deschamps (Spain) from September 2–22.

For the last decade French artist Juliette Deschamps has been feverishly creating, staging, shooting, and directing performances and video art.

These myriad projects have taken her not only all over Europe but also to Angola, China and Taiwan, Guatemala, Mali, Russia, Tunisia, and the United States.

Though born and raised in Paris, Juliette has lived in Mali, Mallorca and Naples. She is now based in Madrid - where she is very happy.

To see Juliette’s work, please visit