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Seed / Pond // Halsey Chait


The oldest bridges were logs and stepping stones. Balancing across them allowed a traveler to pass from one side to another.  SEED / POND is an exhibit that seeks to bridge the divide between internal and external perception by offering large-scale algorithmic ink drawings to ponder as well as the opportunity to physically navigate through a gallery-wide floor drawing installation.

The SEED drawings act as portals to labyrinthian journeys generated from either boundary or core, each mark impacting the location of the next, a spiraling pattern of choices made that influence the choices still to come. The drawings lead the eyes to focus on the center while simultaneously expanding outwards to the circumference of growth. Each drawing is a seed of vibrating light, acting as a nucleus of future expansion, representing the light that is transmitted through generations.

POND is an invitation to step consciously along a path composed of stepping stones scattered within drawn undulations of interwoven water. The installation emerges from the tradition of walking labyrinths, meditative paths that can inspire focus while the walker navigates through all that is flowing around them, all their relations, all their thoughts. Unlike single path labyrinths, the stepping stones of POND form a maze with multiple routes, where every step seeds the next, where the outward physical act of finding balance can inform one’s inward centering.

Halsey Chait (b. 1978) is a New York based artist whose work synthesizes his reverence for science, graffiti, and the ancient art and wisdom of early humans. His ink drawings feature dense clusters of meditative marks that bloom outwards and develop according to the mathematical rules governing the growth processes of life forms and molecular structures. Improvising with a lexicon of primeval and scientific biomorphic symbols, the drawings weave together the repetitive gestures of music, the mutating iterations of evolution, the turbulence of swarming organisms, and the architectural networks of vibrating space. He lives and works in Brooklyn with his wife and three sons. His work is held in private collections throughout the world.

Instagram: @halseychait

On View
March 10–April 22

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 10

Gallery Hours
Thursday–Saturday, 1–7pm
Sunday, 1–5pm