AndrE Da Loba

Manifesto. 009

What? My work?
My workabout you

and about me.

About anarchists,
fleeing kings
and mutineers.

Also about fire starters,
and threatened witches.
And luminaries

and other artists. Thieves,
(those poets), biologists
and sexologists.

First-grade teachers married with journalists
and the priests that became atheists.

Poets and wall painters, but
not as much as it is about
tall dwarves,
black cats,
color visionaries
and survivors from shipwrecks.

People with odd limps,
dust in road humps,
Light-bulbs changers,
professional vagabonds,
perfect stammers,
and spontaneous mutes.

It is about looking and seeing and seeing and looking (for).
It is about being secretly,
secretly happy.