Gabe BEnzur

"Each thing in my paintings was put there deliberately, knowing that nothing real can ever be perfectly replicated, only interpreted. Paintings are constructed gradually through memory, aftermath, judgement, and analysis of dozens of references. Environment and expression are removed. Images are stripped down into re-organized reality, where what remains are the un-idealized and the subconscious. The final, distilled state of the image is always imperfect, but without distraction. I aim for simplicity."

Working in oils, Gabriel Henry Benzur III has developed a unique style that is simultaneously lush and meticulous. The romantic and the voyeur meet in his paintings, which tease out an emotional vulnerability in the viewer. At their core is a very definitive perspective and themes of beauty, ownership and time – which are accentuated with his innate fascination with obscure pigments and handmade materials.

Born in Atlanta Georgia, Gabriel began painting at an early age. He received a BFA in painting and drawing from Millsaps College, Mississippi in 1998. He went on to study painting and drawing at the École Marchutz in France, and then studied graphic design from 1998 to 2000.

His paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows in New York, London and Atlanta. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he continues to paint at his studio in the Invisible Dog Art Center.