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Guiseppe Stampone

Born in Cluses (France) in 1972,  and works  in Milan and in New York.

The artist has shifted away from personally defining the event, which was intimately experienced by the spectator, and now builds it up interactively with the viewer, basing it on considerations about present-day social and environmental issues.

The first of these was Acquerelli per non sprecare la vita [Watercolours Not to Waste Life], on safeguarding water resources. It involved 10,000 children with Progetto Mondo of the MLAL NGO, as well as Amnesty International, which both intend to extend the project to 30 countries around the world.

The Invisible Dog Elevator

Originally an antique looking freight elevator, Giuseppe Stampone turned the space into a unique art piece using quotes from Dante’s Divine Comedy, which is written on the walls of the shaft. Starting out in Hell on the first floor, the elevator lifts you up through Purgatory, up to Paradise on the third floor. This work was commisioned by No Longer Empty for the Grand Opening of The Invisible Dog on October 2009 and is part of the permanent collection of the Invisible Dog.