Ja-Young Chung

Ja-young Chung is a multi-media artist who is primarily a visual artist ; at the same time a musician, animator, filmmaker, and story-teller with numerous exhibits and installations utilizing nearly every form of media, including performance, film, computer graphics, sound, and movement. Her work has exhibited worldwide in both solo and group shows at such institutions as La Mama Gallery, Glasslands Gallery, The Red Room, Culturehub, and Issue Project Room in New York City; the New Media Festival, the Seoul Arts Center, and HCI Design Conference in South Korea; and the Dot Mov Festival in Sapporo, Japan, to name only a few. In addition, Ms. Chung’s work appears in the permanent collections of the Korean Film Archive. Her expertise in the realm of multimedia art is so widely respected that such distinguished establishments as the Lee Young-hee Museum in New York, the Harold Pinter Festival, and the Gallery Jung in Seoul have selected her to serve as their art director. She has been awarded residencies at the Culturehub 2011, which values cross-cultural, artistic collaboration and it is our belief that artists, working in all mediums, must continue to experiment with new and developing technologies.  Jayoung Chung received a MPS from ITP at Tisch school of arts in New York University  in 2010 and a BFA from Seoul National University in 2005 and Ewha Woman’s University in 2003.  She was born in Pohang, south Korea.


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