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Pâquerette welcomes the audience into a deep appreciation and debate of the human condition: the dancers search for gratification, the audience’s sense of curiosity and the human bodies’ holes as connecting points to an exterior and lonely world. The dancers expand their subject through what they call “a reflection on the denial of the anus in dance”. By combining contemporary dance movements with the use of an exterior object, the piece looks into different dichotomies: exterior and interior, retention and liberation, pleasure and pain, body and space, limits and freedom. By approaching these dichotomies as parallelisms through movement and approximation, the artists investigate new possibilities for the queer body and its place in contemporary culture. [André von Ah]

Ms. Bengolea, from Argentina, and Mr. Chaignaud, from France, have been working together since 2005. They are an inimitable pair, pinpointing an exhilarating place where fear meets bravery.[…]“Pâquerette” is hardly erotic; it’s more about sexual politics and levels of sensation. Ms. Bengolea and Mr. Chaignaud know how to get a viewer’s attention, yet their cheeky style of shock shakes you up in the best sense. You walk through the world a little more aware of what it means to be alive. The metamorphosis, it seems, works two ways.”

Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea are young dancer-choreographers who have been working together since 2005. They have collaborated with Gilles Jobin, Mark Tomkins, Mathilde Monnier, and Boris Charmatz, among others. Their works show an appreciation for subversion as well as the exploration of the possibilities of the body and its significances.

Mr Chaignaud and Ms Bengolea are in “residency” at Chez Buswish, with the support of FUSED (via NEFA). The new work will premiere at the Lyon Biennale in Septembre 2012

PAQUERETTE is co-presented by Chez Bushwick,  The Invisible Dog and Queer NY Festival

Dates + Time
June 14–15

$10 Suggested Donation
Reservations required at

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

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