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Monsieur Hulot's Holiday


Directed and starring Jacques Tati with a script written by Tati and Henri Marquet, Les Vacances de M. Hulot (Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday) is the story of a man going on a vacation to a beach where he unknowingly creates chaos every step he takes. The film is a comedy that has Tati bring elements of silent comedy with spoken dialogue in the background as Tati performs mostly without words. Also starring Nathalie Pascaud and Micheline Rolla. Les Vacances de M. Hulot is a very funny film from Jacques Tati as the titular character.

It’s summertime as people are set to go on a holiday as Mr. Hulot is driving to a seaside resort hotel in his sputtering car. Upon arrival, he makes a bad impression on the guests who seemed annoyed by his presence as all they want to do is relax in the lounge and play cards while eating lunch and dinner as scheduled. Mr. Hulot ends up impress a few people including an Englishwoman (Valentine Camax), a beautiful woman named Martine (Nathalie Pascaud), and various other people. During his trip, Hulot creates a lot of chaos while taking his time to do various activities and bring fun to people by attending a costume ball and bringing some joy to a neglected young boy…

Dates + Time
Friday, June 15

$5 Suggested Donation

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

Earlier Event: June 14
Later Event: June 23
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