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Clap Hands // Jen Rosenblit


Jen Rosenblit, Clap Hands (new work in progress): come and go as you wish or stay ’til the end and take her out for a martini after. 

Clap Hands is a mating call that looks to hail, disappear, disguise, displace and reveal the solo form, complicating a narrative of intimacy that is not limited to pattern, ritual or husbandry. Piles of fuchsia felt install the space, enacting a still life while demanding flamboyance. Clap Hands asks how we continually locate ourselves and what is it to deal with the haunting nature of remaining alone amongst others?

Performed by Rosenblit, Addys Gonzalez, and Effie Bowen and with sound by Andy Kobilka AKA DJ Snoggybox, a solo is being made together, as a team. You will be finding us toward the end of a week-long residency, where we will continue our research into manifesting, disguising and replacing the solo. There are many different feelings around how this can happen and where the solo aspect is located. While trying to house this multiplicity, entangle desires, misunderstandings and miscommunications, the process is opened up for you to come and flood the work, to entertain the impossibility of the solo and the problem of autonomy as it sits in the same architecture as a need for togetherness. This is not so much a viewing of the work and a talk back but more an open process space. You can sit in the room and watch us work, you can actively participate in the conversation, wherever it is. We will consider the architecture of The Invisible Dog as material for the work. We will look into costumes that hide or reveal the body as body. We will work with sound and text, navigating a flirtation between the body that needs other bodies, disappearing bodies or an absence that has to be organized and general stage directions for the work within a scripted reading of the performance.

Clap Hands will premiere in 2016 from April 20-28 at The Invisible Dog.

Co-presented by New York Live Arts.

Date + Time
Friday, July 17


Main Space
51 Bergen St

For more information, contact Alexandra Rosenberg.

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