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The Six-Four-Three // Mac Premo


The Six-Four-Three is a system of machines that performs a perpetual baseball double play. A site-specific installation, it acts as an ongoing portrait of an event, reifying the occurrence in baseball when, with a runner on first base and less than two outs, a hit ball is fielded by the shortstop (position no. 6), thrown to second base (position no. 4) for one out, and then on to first base (position no. 3) for the second out. The machine will then reset, and perform the act again. And again. And again. 

The Six-Four-Three transforms an action into performative object. While that may sound like fancy talk for ‘making a machine’, the objective is not solely to reproduce a double play, but to exist as an homage to the double play— from the myriad variables that make every double play a truly individual event, to the unifying context in which the act occurs: baseball itself. 

The system of machines that make up The Six-Four-Three is atypical, as far as machine systems go: it lacks the precision, consistency, and efficiency hallmark to production. While it lacks conventional production qualities, it excels at communicating the organic and eternally variant nature of a reactionary moment within that great American pastime, the cultural construction called baseball.

In view in the Main Gallery in conjunction with the 9th Annual Open Studios.

Mac Premo, b. 1973, American stuffmaker, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, BFA. Mac’s art has exhibited in NYC, LA, Washington DC, Miami and PS1 MOMA in Queens, and he has initiated and participated in several public art projects in Belfast, Northern Ireland; his fine art sculptural and collage work is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery in New York City. Mac has won 7 New York Emmy® Awards for his video and animation work, including awards for best commercial, photography, set design and best public service announcement. Using objects collected over the past 20 years as the raw material, mac recently completed a collage environment inside a 30 yard dumpster. It is called The Dumpster Project ( He currently makes art and video and illustration and wooden things and noises and dinner, most nights. Mac lives in Brooklyn with his wife and totally radical daughters.

Instagram: @macpremo

May 2–6, 2018


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.