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A Reading of a New Play: Jane Austen's Lady Susan


The Invisible Dog Art Center presents:

A reading of a New Play

Jane Austen’s Lady Susan
By Rob Urbinati with Adrianna Dufay

Directed by the author (not Jane!)

Lady Susan, a young widow, flees London and arrives at the country home of her obliging brother-in-law and his suspicious wife. Soon to come–uninvited–are an eligible suitor, her willful daughter, her chatty confidante, and a dimwitted bachelor. Lady Susan schemes, but all does not go according to plan as she and her daughter become rivals for the same man.  

The Players
Jeremy Beck as Sir Reginald de Courcy
Donal Brophy as Charles Vernon
Adrianna Dufay as Lady Susan
Salomé M. Krell as Catherine Vernon
Patricia Randell as Alicia Johnson
Marielle Renée Rousseau as Frederica
Kevin Sebastian as Sir James

Date + Time
Monday, April 22


The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.