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Wild Gastronomy with Thomas Ferrand

For one week, Thomas Ferrand will explore Brooklyn in search of edible wild plants. He will take notes and photos, keep a journal, and suggest different menus with the help of Lucien Zayan, all chiefly cooked from the daily harvests in parks, abandoned areas, or asphalt cracks. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea-time, dinner... Meals will be influenced by different traditions, such as French, Amerindian, or Korean. This will offer the opportunity to discover wild flavours, strong and unusual tastes, loud or excessively refined. This experience allows us to share stories about botany or to question our relationship with the wild world. 

Indeed, from the very beginning, plants accompany us and provide huge benefits as well as surprises. With the coming of agriculture, most civilizations have progressively shifted away from wild plants, even though they are nutrient-richer. In the slightest crack, plants manage to take over. It’s life itself rising! And all the flavours that come with it. 

Thomas Ferrand, originally from Normandy, lives in France. He has staged a dozen shows, via his association Projet Libéral, mixing dance, theater, and visual arts. He has also issued two magazines on performing arts, cinema and philosophy. After traveling the world, mainly Europe and Asia, he created the association named Sauvages (wild in french) with Anne Lanciotti, based in Jura. Together, they bring people to discover and enjoy wild plants. Field gastronomy, weed-liquors, forest sweet: our woods is the adventure !

April 29–May 6


La Salle a Manger (SAM)