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Terror-ushers greet attendees with a shamanistic cleansing ritual as they enter Apparition, the duo Trouble’s group of overlapping environments of light, sound, and performance. Sprey: A Narrow Vehicle dramatizes this moment of entry using light, wind, moisture, leaves, and smoke, conveying the audience to roaming musical performances by special guest performers TBA. Just beyond that, Dial, a sculptural projection screen, features live video projections and a 24-hour sound track. It references the tradition of the singing of organum in correspondence to the different moments of the monastic day.

For those seeking quiet, Emanations in the back room offers a sacred-object gift shop staffed by another silent terror-usher who refuses to sell and other interactive fun. Using a photo-booth audience members can have their faces uploaded into a projected Indo-Tibetan deity on an internet portal and have this image sent to their cell phone. Apparition frames and interrupts the social space of performance.  See you at the ritual!

Created by Trouble (Sam Hillmer & Laura Paris)

February 7, 7–10pm
February 8, 2-5pm & 7–10pm

$10 suggested donation

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.