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Something Cloudy, Something Clear // Tennessee Williams


It is the summer of 1940. August, a fledgling playwright, is rewriting the play intended for his Broadway debut in a blown away beach shack in Provincetown. He is distracted by his infatuation for Kip, a handsome Canadian dancer and draft dodger, who is visiting with a wealthy and protective young girl named Clare, reputedly his sister.

This much is clear. This movement heavy collaborative reimagining focuses on the cloudy, which is rarely given a proper platform. Something Cloudy, Something Clear is arguably Tennessee Williams’ most nostalgic and autobiographical work. August, a representation of Williams, is stuck in a timeless vortex between that summer in 1940 and his present in 1980. In the foreground, we have August’s memory of that doomed summer long gone with the players all ripped from his vivid imagination. In the distance, we see the secret lives of these characters, trapped in a man’s conscious plagued by guilt and regret. Redemption is the goal here in a broken record story looping onward for 40 years. With sensibility comes closure…Wind up the Victrola and let the story unfold.

Director: G.J. Dowding
Choreographer: Zoe Bennett
Sound Designer: Mabel Nash-Greenberg
Costume Designer: Sylvianne Shurman

Cast: August-Tate Jorgensen, Kip-Cameron M. Burns, Clare-Emelia Benoit-Lavelle, Hazel-Lindsay Reuter, A Merchant Seaman/Maurice Fiddler-Joris de Graaf, Celeste Fiddler-Aimee Marcelle, Caroline Wales-Cameron M. Burns and Emelia Benoit-Lavelle, Bugsy-Brodsky-J.R. Yussuf, Actress-Cameron M. Burns, Emelia Benoit-Lavelle, Lindsay Reuter, Joris de Graaf, Aimee Marcelle and J.R. Yussuf

Sunday, February 9

The Main Gallery
51 Bergen St.

Suggested donation of $10

Earlier Event: February 7